EBS is a Mozambican enterprise, established in 2001 by Petróleos de Moçambique (Petromoc) and has recently been acquired by EOH group which is dedicated to strategic and technological consultancy. It is a prestigious company in the market amongst those operating in Mozambique. This prestige is gained through the services of its staff on supporting organizations in the optimization and modernization of their management models through a correct integration between processes and technological solutions.


The vision of «EBS» is essentially as follows: “To ensure an ongoing partnership with its customers by offering quality services.”


«EBS» as strategic consulting enterprise, helps clients improve their business models, not only through better adaptation and integration of business processes, but also by optimizing the capabilities of existing resources in the organization.


EBS builds its action upon a set of core values:

  • Customer satisfaction, achieved by offering a high quality service provided by qualified and dedicated technicians;
  • Integrity based on absolute respect for high standards of professional and personal ethics;
  • High professionalism in meeting the objectives of our customers;
  • External competitiveness, which leads us to design and offer the best solutions to the market
  • Teamwork around a common project;
  • Internal solidarity to strengthen team spirit.

Our Team

EBS» structure is designed in a matrix form. The resources are concentrated in different competence areas, namely: Business consultancy (Management Information Systems, Strategy, Human resources Management); Services (ASP, Outsourcing), Infrastructures and telecommunications and process engineering

«EBS» is endowed with a range of experience through its permanent staff that makes it a very experienced and balanced company in the specified areas in which it operates.

Each of those areas is led by one responsible person who manages the resources of his area in accordance with the different projects that he is involved in.

This type of structure assures a great dynamic and allows a plain expression of the abilities of our team which is characterized by a high technical competence, great flexibility and availability of all members and mainly by its great adaptation capacity to different companies and projects where they reconcile their creativity with their great technical rigor.

The main «EBS» competitive advantages are as follows:

  • «EBS» team has experts in the areas covered by the project who are able to act wisely and judge what needs to be done based on their experience on similar projects and institutions as well as in their broad knowledge of the Mozambican environment;
  • It has a deep knowledge on how public institutions operate, in general, and particularly financial sector institutions. Our team has an incomparable experience in process engineering, human resources and change management in those institutions;
  • It represents a body of experts in approach and methodology utilization to be applied in such project; and
  • It has great work experience in very demanding markets.

Our experience in similar projects indicates that in order to obtain positive outputs it is not enough to just bring in experienced individuals but it is also important that the team is equipped with the following additional qualities:

  • Be sensitive to cultural aspects of process intervenient;
  • Be able to communicate in Portuguese;
  • Deeply know the structural limitations of the organization and take that into consideration in planning and project management;
  • Know and permanently use the available motivational tools (which most of the time are not the same in other companies);
  • Be available to follow up the project through post-implementation phase.

Organizational structure